Environmental Laboratories Working Group

EIC Chair - Robin Macdonald, i2 Analytical

The EIC’s Environmental Laboratories Working Group represents those laboratories working principally in the testing of contaminated land, water, waste and air. The group covers a wide array of issues relating to the regulation and accreditation of laboratories and the work they undertake. Our Members provide the technical expertise required to help the Government meet its legally binding obligations, particularly on the implementation of EU Directives, including the Water and Soil Framework Directives.  
The Group’s recent focus has been an industry-wide campaign in support of non-statutory practitioner guidance for asbestos in soil. In conjunction with CL:AIRE, with whom we have formed a Joint Industry Working Group, EIC and its Members has led on the drafting of a related Code of Practice. This has seen the engagement of Ministers in both the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and the Department for Work and Pensions, as well as Officials from the Environment Agency and Health and Safety Executive – not only to keep them informed of the work the Group is undertaking,  but to lobby for their active support to ensure that the published guidance has the widest possible uptake and usage.

Beyond asbestos, the Group is engaged with the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) on problems resulting from sample holding times, which UKAS require laboratories to report if exceeded. EIC is in close contact with UKAS on the updating of their related Technical Policy Statement (TPS 63), and are working to have this re-written in such a way that all laboratories can operate on an equal playing field using consistent holding times.   
Finally, we are actively assisting the Standing Committee of Analysts update the ‘Blue Book’ guidance documents – most notably on TPH, asbestos in soils, and soil preparation – to ensure they are fit for purpose in 2013, and also working with the Environment Agency on the issue of MCERTS accreditation for laboratories.  

Issues currently being discussed:
  • An Autumn 'Environmental Analysis' conference/seminar
  • Practitioner guidance for asbestos in soil
  • Updating of SCA Blue Books
  • Water Framework Directive/Priority Substances
  • Application of UKAS holding times
  • National Laboratory Service’s role in private sector
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